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ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter Crack: Convert GIFs to Video Format Easily

On the internet, GIFs are becoming a common format for visual communication. They are brief animated visuals that loop constantly and are frequently used to express feelings, depict reactions, or highlight humorous occurrences. To improve compatibility, distribute them across several devices, or perform additional editing, you might occasionally want to convert GIFs into video format. With the help of ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter, you can easily convert GIF files into a variety of video formats.


This article will examine the capabilities of ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter and instruct you on how to get the most of it. This post will provide you with useful insights about this adaptable program, whether you’re a content developer, a social media aficionado, or just a fan of GIFs.

ThunderSoft GIF Converter Crack

ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter: What is it?

A user-friendly program called ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter is used to convert GIF files into a variety of video formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, and MOV. The program lets you adjust a number of video parameters, including resolution, frame rate, and output quality. It also supports a broad variety of GIF input types, including animated GIFs. You can quickly convert your GIFs into video files that are compatible with a variety of platforms and devices using ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter.

Benefits of this Video Converter

  • Improved Compatibility: You can make GIFs compatible with a wide range of hardware, software, and media players by converting them to video format.
  • Easier Sharing: Video files are more frequently accepted and are shared more readily on social media platforms, video hosting websites, and messaging applications, enabling you to reach a broader audience.
  • Editing Options: After converting your GIFs to video format, you may use video editing software to further edit them by including effects, transitions, and a soundtrack to produce eye-catching graphics.
  • Quality Preservation: ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter makes sure that the original GIF’s quality is preserved throughout the conversion process, producing high-quality movies.

How to Use?

Converting GIFs to video format with ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Download and Install

Before you can use ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter, you need to download and install the software on your computer. Visit the official ThunderSoft website and locate the download section. Choose the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or Mac) and click on the download link.

Step 2: Launch the Software and Add GIF Files

Once you have successfully installed ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter on your computer, launch the software to begin the conversion process. Follow these steps to add your GIF files:

  1. Open ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter by double-clicking on the desktop icon or accessing it through the Start menu.
  2. You will be greeted with a user-friendly interface that displays various options and settings. To add GIF files, click on the “Add File(s)” or “Add GIF” button, usually located at the top or in the center of the window.
  3. A file browser window will appear, allowing you to navigate through your computer’s folders. Locate the GIF file(s) you wish to convert and select them. While clicking on the files, you can select multiple GIFs by holding down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key.
  4. After selecting the GIF files, click on the “Open” button. The selected GIFs will be added to the conversion queue.

Step 3: Customize Video Settings

Before converting the GIFs to video format, you have the option to customize various video settings according to your preferences. ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter provides several parameters that you can adjust:

  1. Output Format: Choose the desired video format for the converted files. ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter supports popular formats such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, and more. Select the format that best suits your needs.
  2. Output Quality: Determine the video quality for the converted files. Higher-quality settings result in larger file sizes, while lower-quality settings may sacrifice some visual fidelity. Strike a balance between quality and file size based on your requirements.
  3. Resolution: Set the video resolution for the converted files. You can choose from various predefined resolutions or specify a custom resolution. Consider the target platform or device where the videos will be played to ensure an optimal viewing experience.
  4. Frame Rate: Adjust the frame rate of the video. The frame rate determines how smoothly the video plays. Common frame rates include 24, 30, and 60 frames per second (FPS). Choose the appropriate frame rate based on your content and desired visual effect.

Step 4: Convert GIF to Video Format

Once you have customized the video settings, you are ready to convert the GIF files to the chosen video format. Follow these steps to initiate the conversion process:

  1. Review the settings and ensure that everything is set according to your preferences.
  2. Specify the output directory where the converted videos will be saved. You can choose a location on your computer’s hard drive or an external storage device.
  3. Finally, click on the “Convert” or “Start” button to begin the conversion process. ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter will convert each GIF file in the queue to the selected video format one by one.
  4. The conversion progress will be displayed, indicating the status of each conversion. You can track the progress and estimated time remaining.
  5. Once the conversion is complete, you will find the converted videos in the specified output directory. You can now use these videos for various purposes, such as sharing, editing, or further customization.

ThunderSoft GIF Converter Crack

Some additional features

  1. Batch conversion is supported by ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter, enabling you to convert several GIF files to video format at once. When working with a lot of GIFs, this tool helps you save time and effort. Multiple files can be added to the conversion queue, which the program will then process all at once.
  2. Flexible Output parameters: ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter offers a number of flexible output parameters that you may personalize to suit your tastes. The video codec, bitrate, audio codec, bitrate, and other parameters are among them.
  3. Basic video editing features are provided by the program, enabling you to make straightforward adjustments to the converted videos. Basic video effects may be applied, as well as trimming the duration of the movie and cropping the video frame. You may add your unique touches to the converted videos to make them more interesting using these editing options.
  4. A simple and easy converting procedure is made possible by ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter’s user-friendly interface. Even non-technical people may explore and utilize the program successfully because of the product’s clear instructions and visual clues.
  5. Rapid conversion times are achieved by ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter’s use of cutting-edge conversion algorithms and enhanced processing methods. The program successfully converts GIFs to video format without affecting the output files’ quality. You may fast and easily convert many GIFs with this.
  6. Wide Format Support: ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter can output files in a variety of video formats.
  7. It is a complete and adaptable solution for converting GIFs to video format thanks to these extra capabilities. ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter offers a dependable solution whether you’re a content producer, a social media fanatic, or just someone who wants to improve their GIF-watching experience.


To sum up, ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter is a strong program that makes it simple to convert GIF files to video format. It is a useful tool for anybody dealing with GIFs because of its user-friendly interface, batch conversion functionality, adjustable settings, and other features. ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter offers the required capabilities, whether you want to increase compatibility, distribute GIFs on several platforms, or do further editing. By converting your GIFs to a video format using ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter, you can improve your GIF experience and open up new possibilities.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Can animated GIFs be converted to videos with this software?

Yes, animated GIFs may be converted to video format with ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter. The animation is maintained, and it is transformed into a playable video.


Are both Windows and Mac versions of ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter available?

In fact, ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The relevant version may be downloaded and installed depending on the operating system of your device.


Support for batch converting is there in ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter?

Yes, batch conversion is supported by ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter. You may save time and effort by adding many GIF files to the conversion queue and converting them all at once.


Before converting a GIF to video format, can I modify the produced video?

Yes, it provides the most fundamental video editing features. To customize the output files to your tastes, you can shorten the video, crop the frame, add watermarks or text overlays, and use simple video effects.


Is it free to use?

A trial version of ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter is available for free but has few capabilities. You must buy the full edition of the program, nevertheless, in order to use it fully and get rid of any restrictions. On the official ThunderSoft website, you may find information on price.

The commonly asked questions of typical questions. You can contact the ThunderSoft support staff for rapid, dependable assistance if you have any more questions or require assistance.


In this post, we looked into the features. We spoke about its capacity for batch conversion, availability for both Windows and Mac, prowess in video editing, cost, and capacity for converting animated GIFs to video format. A quick and easy way to convert GIFs to video format while keeping the original animation and assuring compatibility is to use ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter. By using ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter, you may improve your GIF viewing experience and make use of the advantages of sharing, editing, and upgrading your GIFs in video format.

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